Consumer Services

Warranty repairs

We offer warranty repair services for all Samsung mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and smartwatches alike. As an accredited Samsung service centre, we only use genuine parts and the very best in repair techniques, all in a clean and controlled repair laboratory. This means that our specially trained engineers are able to not only repair your device free of charge in most circumstances, but can ensure your device leaves our store with its manufacturer’s warranty intact, and you can rest easy knowing that your problem will have been resolved first time.

Out-of-warranty repairs

Unfortunately we can’t offer everything for free1. User error such as liquid damage or cracked screens cannot be covered by the warranty, but as an authorised centre we can not only usually repair your device in these situations for a charge, we will also restore the warranty on the device afterwards. Although it may be tempting to save money and have a third-party repair performed elsewhere, only an accredited Samsung service centre can guarantee Samsung’s warranty service – the poor quality parts, environment and techniques used in third-party repair shops will leave the device’s warranty void for any issue. For peace of mind, only use Samsung accredited centres.


Modern smartphones can be intimidating with their wide variety of options, settings and features. Security, battery life, signal, apps – all these things suddenly matter in ways that they never did on the feature phones of yesterday. For that reason we’re here to help – we offer both free and paid consultations on everything relating to your Samsung device. Just pop in, sit down and have a chat – we’ll do our best to get you all sorted2.

  1. For information on what isn’t covered by your warranty, please see the following page: Warranty Policy
  2. Free consultations are subject to a hard limit of 15 minutes. Longer consultations can be arranged but are chargeable – please speak to one of our team for further details.