Warranty Policy

As an authorised service centre we are able to conduct the majority of repairs free of charge to the customer. This is because Samsung pay us for the cost of the repair, including parts and labour, as part of their warranty commitments.

The warranty covers any faults which are down to the manufacturer – i.e. those caused by a manufacturing or software defect. Any problems which are the fault of the customer – a smashed screen for example – must be paid for by the customer, both parts and labour.

Faults which cannot be covered by the warranty include physical damage, liquid damage and damage caused by exposure to dust or sand. There are other things which can bring a device out of warranty as well – to give examples, if the device has been ‘rooted’ or has had an unauthorised repair then it is considered to be out of warranty.

Liquid damage

Liquid damage is the most catastrophic thing that can happen to a phone or tablet. Its effects can be instant or gradual, and it can be difficult to see the full extent of any damage. A repair for this is usually very expensive, and we cannot always bring the warranty back into force afterwards.

It’s worth noting that liquid damage does not necessarily mean the device has been submerged in water. It can be caused by using a phone in rain, in an area with heavy steam (e.g. a kitchen) or even by sweat (e.g. from exercise). We cannot tell which of these things has caused it; all we can do is document the damage that is in front of our eyes.

Rooted devices

‘Rooting’ is the name given to a type of software modification. It gives the customer extra control over the phone, but can damage the software (and in rare cases the hardware) in the process. For this reason we cannot offer warranty for any phone which is rooted.

Unauthorised repairs

Smartphones and tablets are highly complex devices, and the repair of them is naturally no simple task. Repairs should be conducted by trained engineers in a clean environment using genuine parts, or else it is impossible to guarantee the condition of the device. If a third party has repaired or attempted to repair a device without authorisation, the device is deemed out of warranty until an authorised repair is conducted.

Out of warranty quotation

If we find any of these things then our policy is to document and return the device unrepaired. If we believe a repair would be possible then we will provide a quotation for the customer for an out-of-warranty repair, which would usually bring the handset back into warranty afterwards. If the customer accepts the quote then we can begin work on the device.

Inspection fee

Because it can take considerable time and effort to identify some of these forms of damage and service centres are not paid for unsuccessful repairs, we operate a policy of requiring an inspection fee of £25.00 whenever any of these things are found. This fee is to pay for the time we’ve spent disassembling the device and documenting what we find, as well as the parts used to reassemble the phone afterwards.

If we have provided an out-of-warranty quotation and the quote is accepted then the inspection fee will not be charged.